How to Create a WordPress Blog or Website Step by Step 2018?

Are you planning to start Blogging by building a WordPress Blog or Website? And is the question “How to Start and Build a WordPress Blog or Website?” tickling in your mind. Are you thinking of “How to code down the website?” to start your blog. Hey, Viewers, I am about to elaborate on each and every step to build a WordPress Website. You need not be a good programmer to make a Website or start a blog of your own. There are different tools available online these days Like WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. They will let you easily create an amazing Website or Blog within minutes without any knowledge and experience of Coding.

Have you decided to Make a Blog or enter into blogging filed for the first time? Well, you need not worry or take more tension anymore. I am here to assist & help you in creating your first website and blog all the time. You can contact me directly on my Facebook Page, Email or just by commenting down below on this Website.

Let’s move towards How to Build a WordPress Blog or Website step by step. The step remains the same for everyone, a 15-year young guy to a 60-year old person. Everyone can start their own website without having any prior experience or knowledge of coding. All you need is to know how the internet and website work and it’s done. Now, let’s move towards the steps.

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What do you need to Build a WordPress Blog or Website?

To Build & Start a WordPress website you just need these three things –

1. A Domain Name( This will be the name of your brand/business/organisation/  like

2. A Web Hosting Account (This is important to make your website live on the Internet, Web Hosting Providers is the space on the internet like a computer which will run your website on the internet)

3. Focused and Determined 60 minutes.

Yeah, you read it right. Besides Domain Name and Web Hosting, you need to invest a bit of time to make your blog/website live for the very first time. You must be thinking, How? Then let’s start with each and every step to be followed to build & start a WordPress Blog or website which is demonstrated below.

Let’s see all the things One By One:

1. How to build a WordPress Blog or Website?

One of the major mistakes almost everyone generally does when they create a WordPress Blog or Website is choosing the right platform. Selection of the right platform to start a Blog or Website plays an Important role. It’s like, selecting a  frame or structure based on which your Blog or Website is going to be built. So, If you select a wrong frame, structure, and layout, the house you will make won’t be like your dream house.

I always suggest my readers/viewers go with WordPress while creating WordPress blog or website. It’s quite easy to start & use, reliable and flexible. Additionally, It has got a variety of features which are completely free to use.

Now comes the biggest question, how to install WordPress on my Blog or Website? Right!

The WordPress is provided along with the Web Hosting Account when you select and buy a hosting account for your blog or website. After logging into your web hosting account, you can start with WordPress installation for your blog or website. We will talk about Installation of WordPress on a website/blog for the first time a bit later. Let’s go with Domain Selection for the Blog or Website.

Let’s comes on the topic –

2. How to buy a .com domain name for your Blog or Website?

Please keep this in your mind loud and clear, I have talked about .com domain name not any other. There is a lot of domain seller who provides domain name saying free domain. But what people fail to understand is, these domains are their self-made extension like .tk, .website, .xyz and many more. I personally will never suggest you go with such domains.

Whatever your business or blog idea may be, a  .com domain will always be suitable for all it. Plus, it will help you to target audience worldwide. Well, it’s upon you to go with the domain name as per your country or your locality and business. They are beneficial while doing local business or running website or blog for local peoples.

In these types of the domain, the country extension is valuable and even city name can be used. For example – .np for Nepal, .in for India, .us for USA, .uk for United Kingdom and . ca for Canada.

So, I will recommend you to go with a .com domain. But there are few things you need to understand before buying a domain for your website or blog. There is a separate article for the tips to buy a good domain.

So by now, I assume that you have purchased a suitable domain for your website or blog. But to get a free .com domain, You need to buy a hosting first. Most of the Hosting providers provide free .com domain if you buy their Hosting Plan.

Here comes another important question –

3. How to choose a best and Cheap  Web hosting Plan?

Buying a suitable Web Hosting Plan is dependent on a lot of things. One of them is your requirements either, which is quite important. So before you rush for buying a hosting plan for your website, you should understand your requirements first.

Still confused?  Well, I have done research and made a list of cheap and best web hosting providers both in Nepal and India. There is a separate post for helping you with Web Hosting Solutions. Kindly check it out clicking the link below:

Our Recommendation For Web Hosting:

As a Blogger, I have used and tested around 5-6 web hosting till now for many purposes. Hence, If you go according to me for my recommendation to choose Web Hosting. Then I will recommend you to check out different plans of every web hosting providers. Do proper research, compare everyone plans before you decide to be anyone’s customer.

Additionally, if you want additional help about Web Hosting. And if you are still confused, then you can contact me directly.

4. How to Install WordPress On Your Website for the First Time?

I have been working quite hard to provide you information about how to start website/blog very easily. After you have purchased a Domain Name & Hosting Plan for your Website, you are done with the first stage. Next step, you should do is a small thing, i.e. Install and Set Up WordPress for your Website/Blog.

When you buy a Web Hosting Plan for a Domain, you will be provided with a Cpanel Access of your website. You can manage various things related to your website/blog from your Cpanel. You can carry out different things like –  Installing SSL certificates, Adding an Addon domain, Updating and managing files on your web Server (File manager) and many more.

Note: You can host multiple Domains in a single web hosting if you have bought such plan.

Installation and Set Up of WordPress for your Website/Blog is a small and easy process. It will hardly take a minute to set up & configure WordPress for your Website/Blog for the very first time.

You can easily install WordPress on your Website/Blog with Softaculous App installer. You can even take help of your domain provider in installing WordPress if you are facing any difficulty in installation. I have illustrated the WordPress installation Step by Step below:

How to Install WordPress Step by Step:

Step 1: Go to your Cpanel and Locate the Softaculous App Installer and Click on the WordPress Icon to install it.

WordPress Blog or Website

Step 2: Once the WordPress Installation dashboard opens, click on the Installation icon as given below:

WordPress Blog or Website

Step 3: Further the webpage will be displayed as given below. Kindly follow the same steps as given in the below pictures. I have performed the installation for a fresh website to elaborate practically.

WordPress Blog or Website

Do not change or modify any of these.

WordPress Blog or Website

You need to provide the Administrative Email, Username & Password for the WordPress installation on the Website. The Email is required for Resetting the password in case you forget. Username and Login are required to log in to WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Blog or Website

Set Up your Blog or Website name and Tagline as shown below and click on Install in the right corner below:

WordPress Blog or Website

The installation window will be like given below:

WordPress Blog or Website

After the installation is complete, Next you will see the details of the WordPress Login information as shown below:

WordPress Blog or Website
5. How to Install or Change WordPress Theme?

At first, you need to Login to your WordPress Dashboard of the Website/Blog by entering your Username & Password by going on

Next, You can go to the Theme menu by clicking on Appearance ->Theme Section after logging in to You WordPress Admin Account.

Next, you will see options to install any theme by selecting a theme from WP store or uploading it manually. As a beginner,  I would not recommend you to buy a premium theme for your website/blog. If you can afford, you can get a premium theme for your Website/Blog. They are packed with various unique features than free themes.

There are numerous free themes in the WP Store available to download and install for your WordPress Website/Blog. You can select any one of them for your Website/Blog. You can try and view the live preview of various themes before selecting one for yourself.

Criteria for Selecting a WordPress theme for your WordPress Blog or Website:

You always need to understand your visitor’s interest before selecting any WordPress theme. Before you select a WordPress theme for your new WordPress Blog or Website, I would recommend you to look for these different features in every WordPress Theme –

  • Always look out for simplicity.
  • Whatever theme you select, it should be mobile responsive.
  • The theme should provide easy navigation to the audience.
  • A theme must be SEO friendly to search engines.
  • The theme must have easy options for customization.

Besides all these things, I also have written a separate post for the selection of a suitable WordPress theme for your newly created WordPress Blog/Website. Go through this article, It would be quite helpful for the selection of the theme.

6. How to buy & install SSL (https) for your site?

If you are completely new to WordPress or Website, I would recommend you to get an SSL certificate for your website/Blog from your Web Hosting provider paying a nominal price. It would be quite easy for you if you buy Domain+Hosting+SSL from the same company. But, it’s not mandatory at all to buy everything from the same company. It is just that you don’t need to configure manually anything.

If you want to buy an SSL certificate at a low cost. You can get a positive SSL Certificate from any Web Hosting company. It would hardly be available for Less than 5$ for the very first year.

After you have purchased an SSL Certificate for your Website/Blog. Follow the below-listed process listed below. It will help you to Install an SSL certificate properly on your Website/Blog.

  1. At first, Login to your Cpanel Account of your Website/blog.
  2. Go to Web Hosting Account SSL Tab, You can find all purchased SSL for your site there.
  3. Click on Installation via plugin and set the status to active and you are done.
7. How to Start with Writing and Publishing first Article for your Blog?

Once your WordPress website/blog is set up and live, Next you step to do is Write and Publish a Blog Post for your website. If you don’t want to write the contents yourself, there are a lot of content writers available who will write content for your blog. You will have to pay them a good amount of money. But it would be a very good step if you write contents for your website/blog by yourself.

If you are done with Writing article for your website, Follow these steps to Publish it–

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard of Your Website.

2. Select Posts -> Add New

3. Write a good title, make sure that your content does not have less than 300 words. Now, customize your contents properly like Heading, Text formatting and Image/ Media Adding and alignments.

Now, if you are done with the writing part. Next, you should attach a good featured image. To add a feature image.

4. Find and Click on Add featured Image option. Next, you can upload an Image or select from the previously uploaded images.

You can also append forms and you need to provide some tags relevant to the content. The tags should be according to the specified keywords. It helps in making your content visible to the Search Engines.

WordPress Blog or Website

After you are done with all the steps mentioned above.  Next, you can publish your post to make your contents online. You just need to click on the Publish button which is on the top right side of the screen and your article is live on the internet.

WordPress Blog or Website

Yippy, Finally your contents are live over the internet.

There are different steps you require to perform to get your content rank on the top in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. One of the methods is On Page SEO. You should learn to perform On Page SEO to rank your content higher in Search Engines. On Page SEO can be performed easily just by installing a plugin.

All you should do is install Yoast SEO plugin. You can download and install the free version of the plugin as a newbie. To setup Yoast Plugin, You can read our below article where I have mentioned each and every step to be performed for setting up the Yoast SEO plugin.

8. Plugins and Customisation of your Website or Blog

After you are done with writing and publishing your first article on your website. The next thing to do is create some important pages for your website. These important pages are Contact Us, Privacy Policy, About Us, Disclaimer. If your website deals with selling of some physical or digital products, then it must also have a Refund Policy too.

Note – If you do not have these pages of your website. It is useless to apply for Google Adsense or any advertisement network. Adsense won’t even look at your website for a second if your website/blog does not have these pages. Adsense will show you a reason as insufficient content if you apply without creating these pages.

You can customize even more your WordPress website using differently available plugins. There are different plugins you can take into use to customize your blog/website. They are galleries, contact forms, sliders, etc. There is a wide range of plugins available in the WordPress Plugin directory. The total number of Plugins available are more than 50000.

Some of them are free and some even paid depending on their usage. You can use these different plugins on your website to customize the website or add some different feature which is not present in theme.

I would also recommend you to have a look at, How to set up widgets in WordPress? Widgets are used to give additional features as well as more flexibility to your WordPress website/Blog.

Note: Widgets are dependent on the features of WordPress themes. Every WordPress themes have their own widgets which can be customized and placed as per the theme options.

9. How to Earn Money Using your WordPress Blog or Website?

There are various methods to earn from a WordPress Blog or Website. As a newbie blogger, it would be best to earn some extra money via Google Adsense for you. There are other Ad networks such as MediNet and Infolinks which can be used if your Google Adsense is not approved.

You can apply and keep any Ad networks Ads on your website/blog. It completely depends on your own choice. If you have decided to apply for any Ad network, then make sure to perform these below-given criteria. These are criteria almost every Ad network will look into on your website to be eligible for monetization.

1. You should have at least 10 articles posted on your blog/website. Make sure each article is of more than 500 words and of good quality with no grammatical mistakes.

2. There must be SSL certificate installed on your website.

3. Your website should have proper Navigation.

4. You must have some articles or posts assigned to each and every Category you have made on your website/blog. Make sure to remove any empty menu or category from your WordPress Blog or Website.

5. The website/blog must have  Contact Us, About US, Disclaimers, Privacy Policy and terms and condition page.

If your WordPress Blog or Website satisfies the above conditions and has done all the things which I have mentioned above. You are all set to apply for Adsense, MediNet or Infolinks.

If your website/blog is getting a good traffic from every part of the globe. You can even do Affiliate marketing. Also,  you can also take sponsorships from different companies to promote their product on your website/blog. You need to add a separate Deals page on your website to start with Affiliate marketing.

You can even use two Ad Networks at the same time as Infolinks+Adsense to have more income from your website/blog.

11. On-Page and Off-Page Optimization to Rank High:

By now, you must have heard about the term called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are two different types of SEO. Let’s have a brief introduction towards both of them –

1. On-page SEO

On-page Seo is the optimization which is performed inside the articles or posts. There are some things you should perform to optimize your content for a better reach and ranking in Search Engine. Follow this guide to Do proper On Page SEO.

2. OFF-Page SEO

Off-Page Seo mainly directs towards the Link Building techniques. it is done after On-page Optimization. There are various ways to get a backlink. I have created a long and unique list of 101 best way to generate and get backlinks for free.

Author’s View

I guess by now,  You should have understood all the process of How to Build & Publish a WordPress WordPress Blog or Website? If you still have any doubts or yet you are confused about anything. Then, feel free to contact me. I will help you for sure.

If you have any query then You can comment below or Contact me via Email, Facebook or Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to help everyone who wants to create their own WordPress Website/Blog and facing any difficulties in doing so. Well, this is not a tough Process but still If you have any query you can comment below. Here are some regular questions often asked by a New Blogger whenever they decide to build a Blog/Website for the very first time.

1. Can I build a website without using WordPress?

Yes, Of course, you can. There are different blogging platforms available using which you can create and publish your Blog. But, WordPress is the top and best CMS available on the internet.

2. Can I build & publish a blog without hosting?

No, it’s not possible at all. Web hosting is the space on the internet where your website files are stored. Each and every website requires web hosting for being live on the internet. If still, you want to start a Blog without web hosting then you can take in use of Blogspot or Wix. It’s completely free. But, I I will only suggest you use Blogspot for learning Process as it is owned by Google.

3. What amount would it cost to build & publish a WordPress Blog or Website?

In order to build & publish a WordPress WordPress Blog or Website, you need not spend much money. You just need to buy domain + Hosting+SSL. I have suggested you the best and cheap ways to get these things above in the post.

4. Can I build and publish a blog without the knowledge of my friends and parents?

Yes, Of course, you can. You can Publish and make your WordPress blog private. Just don’t mention your original identity and hide it from the internet. Here is a step by step guide on how to make your WordPress blog completely private.

5. How to Build & Publish a WordPress Blog or Website and remain anonymous?

If you don’t want your identity to be public instead want to work is anonymous. Then at first, you should make sure that your domain has WHOIS privacy turned on hiding your identity. Most of the times, people use a nickname for registering their domain. It is suggested to create a Unique email for your website/blog. Make sure not to post any picture of yours on the blog.

6. How do I start a podcast with my  WordPress Blog or Website?

It is quite easy to Podcast with your WordPress Website/Blog. Please go through this article given below:

7. How do I generate new ideas for Blogging to write about?

Here ’s a long list of topics and niches containing 103 blog post ideas that you can work upon & write about today.

8. Can I use different languages on my personal WordPress Blog or Website?

Of course, you can. It’s your choice to write posts in multiple languages. But always keep in mind, your viewer choice whether to read them or not.

9. Can I add multiple authors to my WordPress Blog or Website?

Yeah, You can. WordPress allows every website/blog a flexibility to be run by multiple Author or Admins. You can add N number of Author or Admins from Author Section.

10. How Much Money Can I Earn by building a WordPress Blog or Website?

Well, there is no limit to it. It is completely dependent on your hard work and dedication. Additionally, your choice of interest matters too. Your contents and their quality. The ad networks you are using on your WordPress Blog or Website, Strategies of your Blog and other different things.

Try to make your blog your personal Brand and you can earn more than your expectations. I guess I have clarified all your doubts and questions. If you still find difficulty, Kindly comment down below or contact me via Facebook, Email or Instagram.

Hope you liked the article. If you still have any question or queries, you can contact me via the comment box below or my social media accounts. I will try my best to solve your queries.


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